Schwarz Glanz Voll-Poliert (SGVP) & Schwarz Klar Matt (SKM)

Five extreme spokes, with more than attractive design. The polished shiny surfaces, which lead from the rim flange over the outstanding curvature of the spokes to the plunging rim center, give the Brock B29 a strong and robust look.

Parallel to our Brock hub caps, it is possible to use some original (OE) hub caps of the vehicle manufacturer!


Made in Europe!


  • 7.0x17: 5x114
  • 7.5x17: 5x100 | 5x108 | 5x112 | 5x114 | 5x120
  • 8.0x18: 5x100 | 5x108 | 5x112 | 5x114 | 5x120
  • 8.0x19: 5x108 | 5x112 | 5x114 | 5x120

ABE | EH2+ | 5-HOLE

Brock B29 KS

Now available

Brock B29 KS

Now available