Low-Bed Multi-Spoke-Design

Brock B24-GP

Brock B24-GP SGHP

Schwarz Glanz Horn-Poliert [SGHP]

Brock B24-GP SG

Schwarz Glanz [SG]

Brock B24-GP CSSHP

Chrom Silber Horn-Poliert [CSSHP]

The Brock B24 aluminium rim, which is already one of Brock’s bestsellers, is now available in a new edition. It is not only given the sporty name “GP”, but also has a very deep look. With a new, extreme rim bed tuning, on which the groove can be varied, the Brock B24-GP now shows itself again on the tuner scene. Available in the sizes 8.5×19, 9.5×19, 9.0×20 and 10.5×20, the alloy rim is available in the colours gloss black horn-polished, gloss black and chrome silver horn-polished.


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100% Made in Europe  I  5 Years Warranty*

Wheel Data

Parallel to our Brock hubcaps, it is possible to use partly original (OE) hubcaps of the vehicle manufacturer!

8.5×19 📄
5×108, 5×110, 5×112, 5×114, 5×115, 5×120
ABE 48751
13,6 kg

9.5×19 📄
5×112, 5×120
13,6 kg

9.0×20 📄
5×108, 5×112, 5×114, 5×120, 5×130
ABE 48510
15,5 kg

10.5×20 📄
5×112, 5×120, 5×130
16,0 kg

Deep dish Brock B24-GP