Winter wheels from BROCK and RC-DESIGN for your vehicle

Brock Alloy Wheels and RC design models such as B43, B41 or RC34 are wheels designed to meet the highest demands. These wheels, with 100% Made in Europe – quality and optimized applications are stylish to present your vehicle in the best way during the cold months. With a winterized design, they are ready to brave the elements and give your car an outstanding look.

Production at the
highest Niveau

Brock and RC-Design Alloy Wheels impress with their outstanding stability. Maximum safety and above-average service life are guaranteed.

You too can be inspired by our Brock and RC-Design alloy wheels. Our range of Brock & RC-Design brands offers you over 90 different alloy wheel designs. Available in inch sizes from 14 to 22 inches in a wide variety of colours with a 5-year warranty*. Efficient technologies, innovative production cycles and advanced qualities. That is Brock Alloy Wheels!

Tesla Model 3 Highland Brock B42 SGVP

Tesla Model 3 Highland

The Tesla Model 3 Highland can also be fitted with wheels from Brock Alloy Wheels in the near future. The Brock B32 and B42 with matching ABE and ECE supplements will soon be available from the existing range.

Kia EV9 Brock B41 SGVP

Kia EV9

Brock Alloy Wheels is expanding its range of wheels with special wheel applications developed for the new Kia EV9. The Brock B43 and RC-Design RC32 models, offer appealing options for owners of the electric SUV who want to add a personal touch to their vehicle.

Fisker Ocean Brock B43 SGVP

Fisker Ocean

The wheel manufacturer Brock Alloy Wheels now offers wheels for the new Fisker Ocean (01, 01-KS). The Brock B43 model is not only a perfect visual fit for the innovative electric SUV. Also technically, the wheel with associated ECE and ABE is ready for the vehicle as a perfect upgrade.