Alloy wheel recommendation

Brock B1

Limited 16 inch edition

May 8, 2024

30 years after its release, wheel manufacturer Brock Alloy Wheels is reviving the successful classic Brock B1 in a special edition. The Brock B1 wheel has shaped an entire generation of car enthusiasts and tuning fans around the world and is still very popular today. Even after decades, the star wheel with its strong spokes set into the drop center is a stylish design.

Brock B1 in limitierter 16 Zoll Auflage

In particular, vehicles such as the VW Golf and Polo, BMW 3 Series, Opel Astra and Vectra or Seat Ibiza in the 4×100 bolt circle were characterized by the wheel and are still among the most popular Brock B1 models today. Due to the 30th anniversary of the drop center wheel and the high demand, Brock fans can now look forward to a limited edition of the Brock B1 in the sizes 7.5×16 4×100 ET25 and 9.0×16 4×100 ET15 in the color crystal silver (KS). The wheel is already available from specialist dealers.