Alloy Wheels

  • Brock Alloy Wheels
  • RC-Design Alloy Wheels

Brock B41 SGVP
Brock B41 FG
Brock B41 SG
RC-Design RC34 SGVP
RC-Design RC34 SG
Brock B40 SBM
Brock B40 BCVP
Brock B40 FGM
Brock B36 BCM
RC-Design RC33X TM
RC-Design RC33X KS
RC-Design RC33X SBM
RC-Design RC32 HGVP
RC-Design RC32 SBM
RC-Design RC32 FGM
Brock B39 FGVP
Brock B39 HGM
Brock B38 SGVP
Brock B38 SG
RC-Design RC31 SGVP
RC-Design RC31 SBM
RC-Design RC31 KS
Brock B37 KSVP
Brock B37 DS
RC-Design RC30 SG
RC-Design RC30 KS
Brock B36 HS
Brock B36 SBM
Brock B36 KSB
RC-Design RC29 HGVP
RC-Design RC29 DS
Brock eB1 SGVP
Brock eB1 KS
Brock B35 SMVP
Brock B35 TM
RC-Design RC28
Brock B34 SKM
Brock B34 SGVP
RC-Design RC27 KS
RC-Design RC27 SKM
RC-Design RC27 SGVP
Brock B33 KS
Brock B33 SGVP
Brock B32 SKM
Brock B32 HGVP
Brock B32 KS
RC-Design RC26 TM
RC-Design RC26 SGVP
RC-Design RC25 SGVP
RC-Design RC25 SKM
RC-Design RC25 KS
RC-Design RC24 KS
RC-Design RC24 SKM
RC-Design RC24 TM
Brock B30 KS
Brock B30 HGVP
Brock B29 SGVP
Brock B29 SKM
RC-Design RC23 SGVP
RC-Design RC23 KS
Brock B26 TMVP
Brock B26 SGVP
Brock B26 SMVP
RC-Design RC21 KS
RC-Design RC21 TM
RC-Design RC21 SKM
Brock B25 CSS
Brock B25 SGVP
RC-Design RC19 KS
RC-Design RC19 SGVP
RC-Design RC19 SG
RC-Design RC18 SMVP
RC-Design RC18 TM
Brock B24 SGVP
Brock B24 SG
Brock B24-GP SG
Brock B24-GP SGHP
Brock B24-GP CSSHP
RC-Design RC17 CSS
RC-Design RC17 SGVP
Brock B23
Brock B21 CSS
Brock B21 SMVP
RC-Design RC14 SKM
RC-Design RC14 SGVP
RC-Design RC14 KS
RC-Design RCD17 KS
RC-Design RCD17 SBM
RC-Design RCD17 SGVP
RC-Design RCD17 HGVP

Aluminium wheels with highest quality

The very versatile Brock and RC-Design product range includes over 90 attractive aluminium wheels. These are available in many different colours and sizes from 14 to 22 inches. Of course with matching ABE or ECE. We are convinced of our high quality. Therefore we grant 3 years warranty on all wheels of the brands Brock and RC-Design. In addition, the warranty on all painted alloy wheels has been extended to 5 years!


Customers who also want to take advantage of the attractive Brock and RC-Design wheels in winter, can trust in the meticulously elaborated concept by Brock Alloy Wheels. With our own environmentally friendly “Brock Alloy Wheels – Acrylic Painting”, our wheels are especially resistant to corrosion, pollution, stone-fall damage or gritting salt. The higher coating thickness and density of the acrylic powder makes this possible. 100% winterproof !!! 


ECE-wheels are on the advance and a simple way to your desired design. With the acquisition of ECE–wheels you may save the carriage of a ABE (general operating license in accordance with § 20 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations), and can also use the original screws. The Brock Alloy Wheels Germany GmbH offers a wide range of certified ECE – on wheels, which is seen throughout Europe as free registration. Among other this wheels range includes the stylish designs, “Brock” B38 and B37 or the “RC-Design” RC30.

The ECE test mark (Economic Commission for Europe) is subject to authorization components of motor vehicles. The basis for this test, the so-called ECE regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland). All light alloy wheels with the R124 E1 marking, allowed in countries where the ECE is recognized without specific entry, driven in the vehicle documents.