Brock B45 HGVP

himalaya grey polished

Brock B45 SBM

satin black matt

Brock B45 SGVP

glossy black polished

Brock B45 BCM

bronze copper matt

5- and 6-hole design

Brock B45

The new B45 alloy wheel from Brock Alloy Wheels makes a powerful appearance. With elegant power, the B45 wheel, in the dimensions 7.0×17 and 7.5×18, gives the caravan and van scene a new shine.

Thanks to the wheel’s high load capacity of up to 1400 kg, Brock will be offering the perfect upgrade for vans, caravans, campers or pick-ups from the spring. Available in 5- and 6-hole versions, the B45 is an absolute highlight on models such as the Ford Transit / Tourneo and Ranger (incl. MY 2023), Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Sprinter. The robust look of the alloy wheel is enhanced by the colors Himalaya Grey Polished, Black Gloss Polished, Satin Black Matt and Bronze Copper Matt.

100% made in europe // 5-year warranty*

Wheel Data

In addition to our Brock hubcaps, it is also possible to use original (OE) hubcaps from the vehicle manufacturer!

7.0 x 17

5/108 ET46 PT
5/112 ET51 D11
5/114 ET45 R5
5/118 ET62 C8
5/120 ET55 V4
5/130 ET62 R3
6/120 ET45 FT1
6/130 ET60 P4
6/139 ET55 R4

ABE xxx // ECE xxx

– kg

The hub cap size for version
PT, D11, R5, C8, V4, FT1, P4 and R4 is xxx mm


7.5 x 18

5/108 ET45 PT
5/112 ET52 D11
5/118 ET53 C8
5/120 ET45 V4
5/120 ET53 V4
5/127 ET44,45 C7
5/130 ET43 D15
5/130 ET53 C9
5/160 ET50 J8H
6/120 ET48 FT1
6/130 ET47 P4
6/139 ET33 I1
6/139 ET50 K3
6/139 ET55 R4

ABE 55319
ECE 002335 – 5-hole
ECE 002416 – 6-hole

16,1 kg

The hub cap size for version
PT, C8, V4, C7, C9, J8H, FT1, I1, K3 and R4 is 60mm.

The hub cap size for version
D11, D15 and P4 is 75mm.



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