Brock Alloy wheels

Efficient technologies, innovative production cycles and advanced qualities. Inspire yourself for our Brock & RC alloy wheels. Our current Brock & RC design range of wheels currently offers over 90 different alloy wheels. In sizes from 14 to 22 inches mostly in the different color variants.

Brock und RC-Design Felgen, Alufelgen, Leichtematllräder


  Brock and RC-Design Alloy Wheels impress with excellent stability and highest security. They also have exceptionally long lifetimes. Furthermore Alloy wheels from Brock distinguish by their superior optics.

Mercedes GT AMG B32 HGVP

Mercedes GTA AMG

Mercedes GTA AMG [R1EAMG]
Brock B32 – Himalaya Grey Voll-Poliert [HGVP]

Hyundai i30n B40 SBM

Hyundai i30N

Hyundai i30N [PDE]
Brock B40 – Satin Black Matt [SBM]

Audi SQ8 B37 KSVP

Audi SQ8

Audi SQ8 [4L]
Brock B37 – Kristallsilber Voll-Poliert [KSVP]