Alloy wheels recommendation

Porsche Cayenne + E-Hybrid

224 KW (PHEV), 260 KW + 349 KW

Range extension at Brock Alloy Wheels: Brock B41 in 20 or 21 inch for the Porsche Cayenne and E-Hybrid

Suitable wheels for the Porsche Cayenne Type 9YA (260 KW + 349 KW), are now available with the Brock B41. The latest ABE and ECE certificates also include the E-Hybrid with 224 kW. Here, direct attention was paid specifically to the new series tire size.

Brock offers the B41 alloy wheel in the 20 inch combination 9.0×20 ET50 and 10.5×20 ET64 or in 21 inch with 9.5×21 ET46 and 11.0×21 already over the specialized trade for the current winter season. Available as ECE or ABE versions, the wheel is available in the colors Gloss Black and Ferric Grey or also for the coming spring in Gloss Black Full Polished in the range. The BrockSens 2 RDK sensor for the Porsche Cayenne can be used as an optimal accessory.

Always new Brock Alloy Wheels standards like 100% Made in Europe, as well as our 5 year warranty* are also our claim for the Brock B41.

Porsche Cayenne 9YA E-Hybrid Brock B41 FGM
Brock B41

Brock B41

Black Gloss Full Polished,
Black Gloss, Ferric Grey

Size / Tire:
Front 9.0×20 5×130 ET50 P1 71,6
255/55 R20
Rear10.5×20 5×130 ET64 P1 71,6
295/45 R20

Front 9.5×21 5×130 ET46 P1 71,6
285/45 R21
Rear 11.0×21 5×130 ET58 P1 71,6
315/40 R21

✅ECE ✅ABE ✅OE-Mounting

Approval only for vehicles from 13*2007/46*0900*13-…
with 5mm wheel arch extensions in the wheel center area
(New series tire sizes)