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Brock B42 gets into spring stile

B42 Bronze Copper Matt

With new color and new applications, Brock Alloy Wheels brings the B42 into spring style. The sporty V-spoke design is now available in Bronze Copper Matt (BCM) color. BCM is a matching addition to the existing Gloss Black Full Polish, Ferric Grey Polished and Gloss Black shades.

In sizes 8.5×19, 8.5×20 and 9.5×20, the Brock B42 thrills with its sporty spoke styling, interesting design elements and compelling applications. Manufacturer Brock Alloy Wheels gives vehicle lovers an exciting upgrade with the B42. The endless V-spokes, which extend beyond the wheel edge, are the impetus behind the design. The internal sidekick spokes also focus the subtleties of the B42. The concavity in the center makes the wheel a highlight for every car fan. Thus, the alloy wheel is now also planned in the 5×114 bolt circle for Tesla Model Y, for example.