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Brock Wheels

Brock Wheels

Alloy wheels from Brock distinguish by their superior optics. But that is not everything, technical aspects like Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and other technological innovations complete every wheel project in its individual and recognizable shape. Modern software allows the design of mathematical and topologically perfect geometries already in the planning phase. So every single, for the strength irrelevant gram, is saved to protect natural resources such as aluminum or fuels on the one hand, while ensuring an outstanding driving experience on the other hand. Furthermore, alloy wheels from Brock and RC-Design impress with their excellent stability and the highest security. They also have exceptionally long lifetimes. Certified management systems in quality, environment and energy are installed along the entire value chain and help us to improve new product generations continually. As we signal with our motto “stagnation is regression”, technical innovations have a center position in our company processes and they are also the drive for our Change Management Department.

The Brock Wheels program already includes more than 39 different wheel designs. More wheel projects are already planned for next year. All wheels listed here have a suitable ABE and partly also ECE.

Wheels, which you can not find in the list above, are currently no longer produced. They have been removed from the current program. All ABE, ECE and expert reports can still be found in our archive or via our KBA number search.

The demands on the usual quality of our aluminum wheels comply with “3-year warranty *” and “100% Made in Europe” to Brock Alloy Wheels standards. Parallel to our hub caps, it is possible to use partly original (OE) hub caps of the vehicle manufacturers!