Brock B37

Kristallsilber Voll-Poliert (KSVP)

8.0×18 I 8.5×19 I 9.0×20 I 9.5x20C





Brock B37

Kristallsilber Voll-Poliert (KSVP)

The creation Brock B37 fits seamlessly the stylish „concave-line“ from Brock Alloy Wheels. The turbine shaped multi-spoke wheel is especially convincing by bringing dynamic and sportiness together. The extremely “Concave” design of the wheel brings superior optics on the road.

Equipped with 10 spokes, the Brock B37 light alloy wheel comes in the new color interpretation Kristallsilber Voll-Poliert (KSVP) and in the already in 2015 established color Darks Sparkle (DS). The shining silver is rounded off with a polished front and so constitutes a new whole elegance.

The Brock B37 comes in the sizes 8.5×19, 9.0×20 and 9.5×20 and forms the perfect summer upgrade for your car. The size 9.5×20 distinguishes itself by being especially concave. The claims to usual quality still meet the Brock standards by granting “3 Years Warranty” and “100% Made In Europe”.


Sizes and details



  • 8.0×18
  • 8.5×19
  • 9.0×20
  • 9.5×20 C

Available in:
5×100 I 5×105 I 5×108 I 5×110 I 5×112 I 5×114 I 5×120 I 5×127 I 5×130

Parallel to our Brock hub caps, it is possible to use some original (OE) hub caps of the vehicle manufacturer!



Brock B37 KSVP
Brock B37 DS